2015 Web Trends

2015 is the year for some great web design trends. You will be amazed at the constant growth in is the web design area. Some of the 2014 trends have even carried over to 2015. The trend will most likely lead us to great web designs in 2016 too. You might say that we are getting better all the time and the best is most likely yet to come in regards to web design. This will dive right into the latest and greatest web designs for the rest of 2015. The web design and the web content are entwined together and create much beauty and keep the viewer interested in the entire website. 2015 is the year of combination and team playing for websites.

2015 Web Design

1. Interaction: The interaction on websites include an element of on storytelling and design. The story telling and the actual design will go together to create a wonderful space. The web design is to be appealing and intriguing. Interaction and images work together to create a great web design.

2. Scrolling sites that are getting longer; 2015 is the year to design a website that is longer when scrolled through the page. It is important to keep in mind that a website will be used on mobile devices and the viewer prefers to scroll rather than linking as a method to view content.

3. Omit Large Header Background images; This is in regards to making a website stand out from the rest. It is atWebsite Builder freetention grabbing to keep a large header while making it image free in the background. This may increase the performance and speed of the entire site.

4. Large and Welcoming Header; This should welcome all visitors to a website. There should be big typography that is centered right in the page. Do not place a big background image behind the heading itself.

5. Keep the web design simple; Do not have too many cluttered designs. Simple is effective.

6. Exceptional custom photography; Stock imagery is not completely gone in web design. It is now the design trend to have very high quality photography displayed uniquely on the site.


More web Design Trends
This is a list of some of the exciting 2015 website trends like ths website builder free to use from dynadot. You can stay tuned for more to come be in this upcoming year and the following years. Website designs are getting more creative and user friendly. Every website will continue to have the opportunity to be highly creative while offering a pleasant and informative place to visit. Happy web designing to you!